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Enzyme Treated Stevia Stevioside 80%

Enzyme Treated Stevia Stevioside 80%

Product Details

Taste Legend Bio MinisterTM series is not just an Enzyme Treated stevia, with our proprietary technology, it offers a well-rounded rich sweet taste that is very close to that of Pure sugar without the calories or guilts.

Many of us might’ve been there, with the best intentions, try to eat less sugar and buy some stevia at a good bargain from a supermarket, add to your recipe, the taste is not   as good as you expected.

What a bummer!

For stevia, generally speaking,

1, Reb-M is better than Reb-D on taste profile, Reb-D is better than Reb-A. so far, we have found the blending certain percentage of Reb-A, B, C,D,M will   get the best taste among all of above single constituents, that is our another product, Taste Legend Bio MonarchTM series.

2, The higher the purity is, the taste better. Your bad experience on stevia you bought from markets mostly due to their lower stevia purity.

Do we have an alternative way to get a better taste and affordable? The answer is YES!

That’s what we’re covering now, how to use our proprietary Taste Legend Bio MinisterTM series to your formula so that you can get a perfect substitute for cane sugar. The product exhibits   so well that your taste buds can barely tell the difference, if at all.

Taste Legend Bio MinisterTMseries is a zero-calorie low glycemic, Non-Gmo sweeteners, unlike other chemical sweeteners, it is naturally 60-100 times sweeter than refined sugar. A tiny amount is all it takes to   sweeten your favorite beverages, foods and desserts! Not all stevia the same, though. We take special measures to treat our stevia with a set enzymatic process to preserve stevia’s natural quality is the unique, pure, better   tasting stevia, that results in a clean, superior taste sweetener without the calories or guilt.

You can choose powdered or granular, we also have organic ones.


Spec of MinisterTM













Double layer PP Bag inner pack. Out pack is paper square drum.

High strength, maximumly prevent the damage from forks in transportation.

Space saving in transportation and storage.

Moisture resistance

Durable finish

100% recyclable, Environmentally friendly

Background information:

Enzyme Treated stevia (also called “glycosylated steviol glycosides or Enzyme modified stevia”) is primarily sold to flavor houses as a flavoring and sweetness enhancer in Europe, but it is widely used as sweetener in the US.

Alongside the new technology developments, manufacturers have looked to earlier studies involving enzymic modification of steviol glycosides to improve taste quality.   It is a general rule that the greater the number of sugar groups attached to the steviol nucleus, the better the sweetness quality. Enzyme modification increases the number of substituent sugar groups by incubating a low-cost   extract (usually high in stevioside) with a glucosyl transferase enzymes and a source of glucose. The original plant glycosides emerge modified by the addition of one to three (or more) extra glucose residues.

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