Stevia Extract's Sweet Ingredient Composition

Issuing time:2020-04-01 23:55

The sweet components in steviosides are all glycosides. Glycoside (glycoside or heteroside) is a compound that is a combination of a sugar or a derivative of a sugar and another non-sugar compound connected by a carbon atom at the end group of the sugar. Glycoside can produce two parts of sugar and non-sugar after hydrolysis, the non-sugar part is called aglycone or aglycone, aglycone (agly-cone, genin), foreign studies have successively separated eight kinds of differences from Stevia extract Sweet ingredients: stevioside; rebaudiside A, B, C, D, E. Dulcoside (dulcoside) A, B, these 8 components are glycosides composed of the same diterpene ligands, which belong to tetracyclic diterpene compounds, they are connected to a glucose at the C-4 position α-carboxyl group , Followed by a disaccharide or trisaccharide attached to the C-13 position. Among them, the steviol glycoside (Stevioside referred to as Stv) connected to a sophorose on C-13 and the rebaudioside A (RebaudiosideA referred to as RebA) connected to another glucose molecule on the C-13 sophorose

There are 6 types of stevia sweet ingredients that have been identified: stevioside; rebaudioside A, D, C, E; and dulcidine A. They are all glycoside compounds and have the same aglycone-steviol. The difference between them lies in the number and type of sugars bound to the glycosidic bond.

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