Stevia Extract Industry Develops Well

Issuing time:2020-04-06 23:57

The main export markets of China's stevia extract include: Malaysia, Mexico, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. In recent years, Malaysia has become China's main export market for stevia extracts, with exports accounting for more than 60%. However, Malaysia is not the final consumer market for stevia extracts. It is only a transit base. Stevia extracts from China are distributed to all parts of the world through Stevia Malaysia.

Due to the strong global market demand and the release of stevia extracts from various countries and regions, China ’s exports of stevia extracts will continue to grow strongly in recent years, and the stevia extract industry has become increasingly concentrated. The export of several major production (foreign-funded) enterprises will affect the trend of the entire industry. At the same time, more and more domestic enterprises are beginning to enter the international market, and gradually occupy a certain market share. It is believed that the stevia extract industry will show a vigorous development trend in the future.

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